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160 East Main Street, East Islip, NY 11730

Quality Meats


All Steaks are from Sterling Silver Premium Meats and are available plain or with a house made marinade.

Skirt Steak

A lean and fibrous cut with robust beef flavor

Rib Eye Steak

Available on the Bone or Boneless, its combination of flavor and tenderness is unrivaled. Generously marbled, it delivers a rich, juicy, full-flavored bite with spectacular plate coverage

Filet Mignon

A non-weight bearing muscle which is not toughened by animal activity, tenderloin is wonderfully tender, lean, succulent and rich in flavor

Also available: Flank Steak, Sirloin Steak, London Broil, Shell Steak Add Porterhouse Steak (summer only), Flank Steak (summer only)


All Beef Cuts are from Sterling Silver Premium Meats and are available plain or with a house made marinade.

Beef Pinwheels

Flank Steak, Cheese, Parsley, Salt & Pepper

(summer only)

Beef Short Ribs

Delicious right down to the bone, they are very receptive to rubs, marinades and barbecue sauces – as well as simple seasonings

Sirloin Chop Meat

85/15 percent blend

Also available: Marinated Beef Tenderloin Skewers. Pepper Steak, Beef Cubes for Stew, Beef Braciole, Beef, Pork & Veal (BPV) Chop Meat, Beef Brisket, Marinated Beef Tenderloin Kabobs (summer only)


All burgers are made on site and hand pressed.

Sirloin Burgers

¼ lb or 6 oz. Patties

Bacon & Cheddar Sirloin Burgers

Fully Cooked Bacon and Cheddar Cubes

Chicken Patties

Salt, Pepper, Cheese & Parsley or Spinach and Feta

Also available: Sausage Patties: Cheese & Parsley (Cheese, Parsley, Salt & Pepper) Hot (Crushed Red Pepper, Paprika) & Broccoli Rabe


Sweet Plain Italian Sausage

Salt & Pepper

Hot Italian Sausage

Crushed Red Pepper, Paprika, Fennel Seeds

Cheese & Parsley Ring

Salt, Pepper, Provolone & Romano Cheese & Parsley

Chicken Sausage Ring

Salt, Pepper, Cheese & Parsley or
Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Cheese

Also available: Sweet Fennel Sausage (Salt, Pepper, Fennel Seeds), Broccoli Rabe Sausage (Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic, Provolone and Romano Cheese & Broccoli Rabe)


Pork Braciole

Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cheese & Parsley

Stuffed Pork Roast

Prosciutto, Provolone, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Parsley

Center Cut Pork Chops

Tender & Juicy

Also available: Marinated Pork Tenderloin Skewers and Kabobs (kabobs summer only), Pork for Sauce (Boneless Pork Butt), Pork Cutlets, Boneless Pork Roast, Boneless Pork Chops, Baby Back Ribs


Chicken Cutlets

Tender Chicken Cutlets Sliced Thin

Marinated Chicken Kabobs

House Made Marinade

(summer only)

Boneless Chicken Thighs

Marinated or Plain

Also available: Fresh Chickens (Whole or Cut-Up), Boneless Chicken Breasts, Chicken Breasts – ‘Bone In’ (Whole or Split), Chicken Stir-Fry, Ground Chicken, Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Sauce, Marinated Chicken Skewers, Raw Chicken Wings, Buffalo and BBQ Wings and Boneless Bites (football season), Ground Turkey

Other Quality Meats

Milk Fed Veal Cutlets

Thinly Sliced from the Most Tender Milk Fed Veal

Lamb Chops

All American

Leg of Lamb

All American

Also Available: Racks of Lamb, Lamb Chops and Legs of Lamb, Rabbits, Quails, Pork Skin, Pork Skin Braciole, Pig Knuckles (Hocks), Beef Marrow Bones, Proudly serving Boar’s Head and Citterio Cold Cuts