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Welcome to Aiello Bros. Pork Store.
Aiello Bros. Pork Store was established in 1972 by Pasquale and Dominick Aiello in Centereach, NY. During the 30 years, until they sold the business in 2002, they established the reputation for serving the highest quality meats and are well known for making the best sausage in New York. After being out of the industry for about 10 years, Chris, the son of Pasquale and nephew of Dominick, has reopened this strong family business in the wonderful town of East Islip. With the help and knowledge of his Father and Uncle, Chris is motivated to continue serving the public with the same high standards and dedication.
Quality Products:
Our homemade pork sausage is the purest pork sausage made by our family recipes that are decades old. All of our sausage is made on site daily. All varieties including sweet plain, sweet with fennel seeds, hot and cheese & parsley. Our summertime varieties include peppers & onions sausage and broccoli rabe sausage. We also will make any type of sausage at your request with a 5 lbs. minimum order. Lamb sausage is also available upon request.
Homemade cheese & parsley chicken sausage. 
Thin sliced chicken cutlets and thin sliced veal cutlets from the most tender milk fed veal.
The best sirloin burgers and sirloin bacon/cheddar burgers.
Boar's Head hot dogs
Boar's Head cold cuts and Citterio Italian cold cuts.
All your antipasto needs which include marinated roasted peppers, artichokes, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, eggplant strips, giardiniera salad, sicilian green cracked olives, greek black olives, calamata olives, gaeta olives, green cerignola olives, oil cured olives, stuffed olives with prosciutto or provolone, hot or sweet stuffed peppers and hot stuffed peppers with prosciutto and provolone. Many international cheeses. Homemade dry sausage and sopressata. Fresh mozzarella made continuously throughout the day. 
Imported pasta including traditional and fancy cuts, whole wheat pasta, gluten free pasta, and many different varieties of fresh ravioli and fresh pastas.
Imported canned tomatoes, Imported jarred antipasto specialties, Imported Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars.
Our Racks of Lamb, Lamb Chops and Legs of Lamb are all American!
We carry: Rabbits, Quails, Pork Skin, Pork Skin Braciole, Pig Knuckles (Hocks), Beef Marrow Bones
Frozen Vegetables: Artichokes, Fava Beans, Peas, Broccoli, Spinach.
Homemade Sauces: Marinara Sauce, Meat Sauce, Vodka Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Tripe in Sauce, White Clam Sauce, Basil Pesto, and Asparagus Pesto.
Homemade Meatballs and Chicken Meatballs
Imported Gelato from Italy
Our Marinated Beef Kabobs and Beef Tender Skewers are made with the most tender pieces of beef you will find.
Our Marinated Pork Kabobs and Pork Tenderloin Skewers are both made with pork tenderloin.
Marinated Chicken Kabobs and Chicken Skewers
Beef, Pork, and Chicken Pinwheels
Boneless Rib Eye, Shell Steak (NY Strip), Porterhouse, Filet Mignon, Flank Steak, Sirloin Steak & London Broil
All of our steaks are also available marinated.
Chicken Patties made with cheese and parsley
Sausage Patties (Cheese & Parsley or Hot)
Bacon Cheddar Sirloin Burgers
Sausage with Peppers & Onions or Sausage with Broccoli Rabe
Store Hours
Mon: Closed
Tue - Fri: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Our Products
Catering Menu
Imported Dishes
from Italy
Heart Shaped Ravioli
Homemade Cheesecake & Grain Pie, Homemade Pizza Rustica,
American Legs of Lamb (Bone in or Boneless), American Lamb racks,
American Baby Lambs, Pre Cooked Grain, Pre Cut Citron, Orange Flower Water
(Fior d'arancio), Basket Cheese, Ricotta Impastata, Fresh Lamb Crown Roast
Fresh Bell & Evans Turkeys, Fresh Bell & Evans Turkey Breasts, Fresh
Boneless Turkey Breasts, Homemade Cornbread Sausage Stuffing,
Homemade Turkey Gravy, Spiral Hams
Pork Roasts, Veal Roasts, Fresh Hams. All available seasoned, stuffed
(prosciutto & provolone), or plain. Filet Mignon Roast, Crown Roast
of Pork, Prime Rib Roast (Bone in or Boneless), Gift Baskets, Seafood
Salad and Pulpo (Octopus) Salad, Baccala (Dry or Soaked and Ready
to Cook), Homemade Clam Sauce, Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Cocktail,
Crab Cakes, Baked Clams
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12-14 East Main Street, East Islip, NY 11730 – Tel: 631-581-6300
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